A Chapter & Paragraph Scheme for Refering to Locations in the Dune Texts

This page describes a scheme, still under development, for referring unambiguously to locations in the Dune Chronicles texts, irregardless of edition or version.

Book Abbreviation Codes

Code Book Title Notes
D Dune
M Dune Messiah
C Children of Dune
G God Emperor of Dune
H Heretics of Dune
CH Chapterhouse: Dune

For completion, we may as well include the fan fiction which has been published with the approval of the Herbert Limited Partnership:

Code Book Title Notes
HA Dune: House Atreides
HH Dune: House Harkonnen
HC Dune: House Corrino
BJ Legends of Dune: The Butlerian Jihad
MC Legends of Dune: The Machine Crusade
BC Legends of Dune: The Battle of Corrin
HD Hunters of Dune
S Sandworms of Dune
P Heroes of Dune: Paul of Dune
W Heroes of Dune: The Winds of Dune
T Heroes of Dune: The Throne of Dune
L Heroes of Dune: Leto of Dune

Reference List and Request for Assistance

See the page linked to below for a list of the Dune (and McDune) book editions I have access to copies of. If you have other editions, could you send me the page information for them? (Email to sand_chigger@mac_dot_com with a dot and no underbars.) I'll include your name among the list of contributors to this project.

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